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Jugo Juice


All Jugo Juice Fresh-Pressed juices contain no gluten ingredients since they are made from simply juicing natural fruits and vegetables.

Many Jugo Juice smoothies do not contain gluten ingredients since they are made without additives or fillers. As a general guideline, any Jugo Juice Smoothie that contains only fruit and juice contains no gluten ingredients. Currently, our smoothies made with low-fat fresh yogurt (not low-fat frozen yogurt) also do not contain gluten ingredients.

Although Jugo Juice Xtra Benefits and mocha iced coffee do not contain gluten ingredients, the manufacturers also package products in their facilities that contains gluten; therefore there is a risk of cross contamination with these items.

Be aware that cross contamination can exist by suppliers in manufacturing plants that produce many Jugo Juice ingredients. Although some Jugo Juice smoothies may not directly contain gluten or other allergens, we can not control how some of our ingredients are handled by manufacturers. Therefore, if you are extremely sensitive or have a life-threatening allergy, we would recommend that you refrain from consuming any Jugo Juice products, as there is a chance for cross contamination of gluten and other allergens.

Additionally, there is a chance of cross contamination with some of our food items or in our smoothie blenders. If you have a food sensitivity please advise the Jugo Juice customer service representative making your smoothie that you require a sterilized blender jug for your smoothie.

The health and safety of Jugo Juice customers is of utmost importance so at Jugo Juice, unfortunately we can not guarantee that our products are 100% allergy safe.